Issue 82 - GPT-4 Builds a Shopify App

  • Gadget goes full-stack: Introducing hosted frontends!

    Don’t waste time wiring up your own frontend infrastructure, authenticating API clients, or sorting out how to adhere to Shopify’s latest UI requirements. Simply connect your Gadget app to Shopify, and instantly receive a fully set up, embedded React frontend that’s powered by your Gadget project.

    Riley Draward

  • How To Add Linkedin Conversion Tracking On Your Shopify Store

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to add LinkedIn conversion tracking on your Shopify store using Google Tag Manager. LinkedIn conversion tracking is a powerful tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your LinkedIn ads and track the actions that users take on your website after clicking on your ads.


  • Shopify custom FAQ page

    In this post I will walk you through how you can use Shopify Metaobjects to create a custom FAQ page in your Shopify store.

    Scott Stubberfield

  • IconHunt

    A perfect search engine with 150.000+ free, open sources icons. Use them in Notion, Figma or download them with a single click.

  • App block deep linking

    Big news for Shopify app developers that are using theme app extensions: App blocks now support deep linking! This makes it a lot easier for merchants to install and start using your app.


  • How to Update Your Shopify Theme (without losing anything)

    If you’re confused about updating your Shopify theme, don’t worry, it's not just you. If you’re lucky you will see the blue dot and automatic updates are available for your theme. But it can be complicated in these common situations: 1. You made code changes to your theme. 2. You installed your theme from a third party, not from the Shopify theme store. But don't worry, there is a process you can follow that makes updating your theme a lot easier.

    Ed Codes

  • Shopify Multiple Variant Images - (How to Display Images Specific to the Selected Variant)

    A step by step guide for displaying variant-specific images on Shopify. (without paying for Apps)

    Coding with Jan

  • The Complex Data Models Behind Shopify's Tax Insights Feature

    When merchants start their businesses or as their businesses grow, it’s a challenge to figure out when they’re liable for sales tax—or when they have nexus. Shopify Tax provides state-level tax information to each merchant within their store’s admin page, and informs them when they become liable, or are approaching liability, to collect sales taxes in each state they have sales.

    Siraj Ali

  • GPT-4 built a Shopify app in an hour (and it works!)

    I gave GPT-4 an existing Shopify app tutorial, and asked what other type of app it could build in under an hour. So we built a customer segmentation app that updates customer metafields based on a customer's total lifetime spend.

    Ralph Elfving

  • Pairing With GPT-4

    GPT-4 can be helpful for beginner and senior Ruby developers, but it does have limitations. It won't write all of your software for you, but it will point you in a useful direction, especially if you prefer learning by doing.

    Brad Gessler