Issue 87 - Build & Deploy a Shopify App

  • Build & Deploy a Shopify App with Next.js, Vercel & PlanetScale

    We go over my open source boilerplate repository on how to make a Shopify embedded application, and not just run a few commands and be up and running, but explaining things step by step on how and why things work, breaking things on purpose and understanding why they break and how to fix it.

    Harshdeep "Kinngh" Hura

  • Listen to Developers Discuss the Glossier Storefront

    Listen to a discussion about the development of the Glossier storefront with Youness, Liam Griffin, Coralie and Ben Sehl

    Youness, Liam Griffin, Coralie, Ben Sehl

  • Creating a Shopify ajax cart drawer

    In this video we learn to code a Shopify ajax cart drawer.

    Coding with Robby

  • Free Tools I use for Shopify Work

    Here are the tools & software that I use in my daily work. I use other stuff too but these are the bread and butter. Even if you're not a developer, you can try these out and see how they work.

    Ed Codes

  • Thinking in terms of Sections and Blocks

    With the rollout of ‘Sections Everywhere’, Sections have become an integral part of every Shopify store’s customization and allow you to reuse ‘modules of content’ across the whole website, this is a concept most merchants are aware of and usually have a decent understanding of how they can use them to update their store.

    Billy Noyes

  • The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React

    Many blog posts, conference talks, and tweet threads have been dedicated to this seemingly simple topic. And yet, for some reason, it's still a topic that even experienced React developers have some (often unknown) misconceptions about.

    Tyler McGinnis

  • What Being a Staff Developer Means at Shopify

    Talk to 10 people and they might share 10 different definitions for staff developer. This is not too surprising, because the whole concept is relatively new. Programming as an industry is quite young, say about 80 years old, but even then we've had managers since the beginning. However, the concept of a staff developer as a career step is at most 25 years old. This is a concept where an individual contributor can have the same scope of impact and seniority as a manager.

    Rose Wiegley

  • Shopify Functions APIs reference

    Shopify Functions allow developers to customize the backend logic that powers parts of Shopify. This guide introduces the available APIs for Shopify Functions.


  • From Law Student to Shopify Web Developer

    Today I'm very happy of where I am. I learn a lot everyday and I get to meet fellow developers who inspire me so much! I don't regret going to law school and business school. I would totally do it again. The only thing I would change is: I would learn how to code earlier.

    Coralie Delpha

  • Shopify Cost Simulator

    A tool for helping merchants find the most profitable Shopify plan for their business.

    Coralie Delpha