Issue 89 - How to pass the Shopify app store review the first time

  • Shopify Theme Design Starter

    Harold AO has created a Shopify theme design starter available for free on Figma that allows agency designers partner to understand how to design for Shopify, it's also a great solution for devs to share to their design partners to speedrun a project. Check it out - thanks Harold!

    Harold AO

  • How to pass the Shopify app store review the first time. Part 1: the technical bit

    Publishing your app to the Shopify app store can seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time. From requirements and security headers, to screenshots and descriptions, there are many factors to consider. In this first part, we'll cover the technical requirements your app must meet to get approved.

    Ralf Elfving

  • How to pass the Shopify app store review the first time. Part 2: the app listing

    In the second part of our two-part guide of how to pass the Shopify app store review on the first try, we’ll focus on how to create a compelling listing that will grab the attention of potential merchants.

    Ralf Elving

  • HTML to Shopify Liquid Converter Tool - Auto-Generate Shopify Sections

    Try our HTML to Shopify Liquid Converter Tool today and experience the ease of auto-generating Shopify sections and schemas. Streamline your Shopify store setup and management with our intuitive, user-friendly tool.

    Glen Pearl

  • Shopify Theme App Extensions (For Theme Developers)

    Theme and app development have always been two different things in Shopify. But if apps and themes can both affect the front end, how do we know for sure what features exist on which platform? Well, in today’s video, I’m a take a long-overdue look at Shopify Theme App Extensions and together, we’ll learn how Shopify Apps interact with the theme since Online Store 2.0.

    Code with Chris

  • Shopify Storefront API Access

    Did you see the announcement about Shopify Storefront API access for all apps? @kirplatonov explains the implications well in his tweet: "It’s a truly game changer! Combined with Theme App Extensions, Metafields API and Files API it empowers us to build next gen apps that will provide storefront widgets with zero requests to third-party servers. Much faster to load, easier to scale and cheaper to host as store visitors won’t interact with our servers"


  • Shopify Functions 101: Build from Scratch with JavaScript & Javy

    We go over how to create a Shopify function with JavaScript using my open source boilerplate repository to start an app and build Shopify functions from scratch, reading the documentation and debugging along the way!

    Harshdeep "Kinngh" Hura

  • 5 Tips to creating a (good) pull request

    Not Shopify specific per se, but as a developer it's important to learn how to write good pull requests if you collaborate with a team using git.

    Danijela Vrzan

  • Getting Started With SvelteKit

    SvelteKit is the latest of what I’d call next-gen application frameworks. It, of course, scaffolds an application for you, with the file-based routing, deployment, and server-side rendering that Next has done forever. But SvelteKit also supports nested layouts, server mutations that sync up the data on your page, and some other niceties we’ll get into.

    Adam Rackis