Issue 90 - GraphQL Queries for Implementing a Custom Shopify Storefront

  • Liquid Cheat Sheet Update

    Liam Griffin from Shopify recently updated his much loved Shopify Liquid Cheatsheet. For once it's OK to cheat!

    Liam Griffin

  • Smart Sections: A winning app built in less than 30 hours

    For years, Subodh Garg, founder of Bigside Tech, has wanted to create an app that allows merchants to add more design variety to their storefront without changing the whole theme. Learn how he brought that idea to life during the recent Gadget hackathon

    Subodh Garg

  • Shopify Dawn 10.0.0 Theme Deep Dive: Uncover the Updates

    In this video, we take a deep dive into Shopify's Dawn 10.0.0 theme and uncover the exciting enhancements it brings to your online store.


  • Add a contact form to your theme

    It's not complicated, but it's something I have to often look up. Here's the details on how to add a contact form to your theme to allow customers to get in touch with the merchant.


  • How To Use Shopify Self-Serve Returns

    While geared a bit more towards store owners, I thought that this was a helpful overview of self serve returns in Shopify.

    Sunrise Integration

  • The Journey to Cloud Development: How Shopify Went All-in on Spin

    We were incredibly proud of what we had accomplished with dev, but Shopify had outgrown it. Running a local instance of our majestic monolith was spinning fans and spooling swapfiles. Projects at Shopify were becoming more complex with more moving parts. Laptops were melting.

    Don Kelly

  • GraphQL Queries for Implementing a Custom Shopify Storefront

    When you decide to create a custom online shop with Shopify, you can program a standard Liquid-based theme or use the Shopify storefront API. Using Shopify as a headless backend and developing the frontend in Next.js or the future, Hydrogen is a good option when performance and custom control are your primary goals. Here I list some useful GraphQL queries to quickly get you up and running.

    Markus Tripp

  • Introducing the popover API

    Learn how to build tooltips, menus, and more with the new popover API. This is going to be very useful for ecommerce sites

    Una Kravets

  • Get Any Store's Theme Details

    With the help of this tool, you can get the details of you shopify based store's theme and shop id.

    Lokendra Panwar

  • Koala Inspector - Shopify Spy & Dropship Tool

    With just one click, you can easily reveal apps that other stores use, understand their pricing strategy, and find out what their best-selling products are. These key metrics can instantly elevate your business plans as you will have insightful data to act upon, informing your next steps to win in the eCommerce game.

    Koala Apps