Issue 91 - Building Shopify Themes in 2023 - Trends, Development and Advice

  • How To Add Custom Related Products

    Adding related products to your Shopify store can help increase sales by providing customers with additional options and choices. In this video, we show you how to add related products manually, using the Shopify Liquid Code.


  • Shopify Metafields, Metaobjects, and Dynamic Data

    In this video we take a look at how to create and use metafields, metaobjects and dynamic data in shopify.

    Coding with Robby

  • Local Theme Development with Shopify CLI

    In this video, I cover how to use the Shopify CLI to preview your changes live while coding your Shopify theme. Shopify CLI's theme serve functionality has a built-in hot reload as well as the ability to use the theme customizer.

    William Misback

  • How to setup and use Shopify App Proxy

    We go over how to setup app proxy in your Shopify app using my open source boilerplate repository, and not just run a few commands and be up and running, but explaining things step by step on how and why things work, breaking things on purpose and understanding why they break and how to fix it.

    Harshdeep "Kinngh" Hura

  • Dawn + TailWindCSS + Prettier Shopify Starter Theme

    Shopify Dawn theme with TailWindCSS & Prettier integrations brought to you and maintained by Trellis Commerce

    Trellis Commerce

  • Building Shopify Themes in 2023 - Trends, Development and Advice

    Learn about the latest trends and best practices for building Shopify themes in 2023. As special guests were speaking with Marcus and Darren from Clean Canvas

    Coding with Jan

  • Shopify 2.0 Coding Tutorial: Building on Dawn Theme Part 5

    Let's learn shopify theme development by working on their demo theme: Dawn. In this part we will be adding new horizontal theming abilities to the button cta in the image banner.


  • Tailwind CSS Cheat Sheet

    Find quickly all the class names and CSS properties with this interactive cheat sheet. The only Tailwind CheatSheet you will ever need!

    Tailwind Components