Issue 98 - Shopify Metaobjects Tutorial

  • Elizabeth Kenyon on Twitter: you can now call the Admin API directly!

    Another favourite Shopify Editions release: Direct API access previously in an apps "frontend" if you needed to call the Shopify API, you would first call your apps backend which would call the Shopify API. Starting with admin extensions you can now call the Admin API directly!

    Elizabeth Kenyon

  • Add B2B/Wholesale to Your Shopify Store | No code | Without Shopify Plus

    The easiest way to transform your Shopify store into a wholesale powerhouse! Follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way


  • Mytailwind-Copy and customize Tailwind components

    A simple visual editor where you can customize styles for about 11 different components (button, navbar, card, sidebar, alert, etc.), then copy the HTML with the Tailwind classes.

    Ashraful Malik

  • Behamics is revolutionizing eComm.

    Our Ai and Behavioural Science backed approach tackles the abandon cart and returns issue to generate new new revenue for clients around the world. We are seeking a cohost for an upcoming partnerships happy hour in NYC on the evening of Thursday September 21st. We’ve picked the perfect roof top at A-Z on Fifth and are looking for another partner to share the spotlight. We are expecting 40-60 attendees, primarily eComm agencies. Please reach out to Claire.Michaud@behamics for additional details about this event and the required investment.

    Claire Michaud

  • How layout position impacts three big web performance levers

    We help Shopify merchants improve their web performance and see three common problems related to layout position: * Lazy loading images above the fold * Asynchronous loading of CSS needed for elements above the fold * Not prioritizing the fetch of the the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) image


  • Shopify Metaobjects Tutorial - What they are & ways to use them - YouTube

    Metafields vs Metaobjects - what's the difference? This is a common question, the main difference is that Metafields are used for additional information on an existing object like a product.

    Ed Codes

  • Beginner's guide to lists and how to make them accessible

    When the HTML is correct, screen readers can navigate and read the list more easily. When writing content, lists group together related pieces of information.

    Whitney Lewis

  • Iconbuddy — 180K+ open source icons

    An Icon Search Engine with 180K+ Open Source Icons

    Icon Buddy

  • Protected customer data

    Shopify is introducing updated requirements for apps that use customer data. As of version 2022-10 of the Admin API, published, public apps must meet the protected customer data requirements. Existing apps have until August 15, 2023 to migrate to API version 2022-10