Issue 99 - Shopify Liquid in 2 Minutes

  • Can I DevTools?

    It is like @CanIUse but for the browser devtools.


  • Shopify Liquid in 2 Minutes

    Liquid is Shopify's templating language, designed to help you build dynamic e-commerce websites. Learn how concepts like objects, tags, and filters work.

    Will Misback

  • How Two GC Improvements Made Shopify's Storefronts 8% Faster

    From analysis and experimentation on this app, we found two improvements in Ruby’s garbage collector that improved the average garbage collector performance by 46%, which translated to a decrease in average response time by 8% and 99th percentile response time by 25%.

    Peter Zhu

  • The NEW Shopify Bundles App - Tech Review

    For the longest time implementing bundle functionality on Shopify stores has been the bane of many Shopify sellers but is the new native Bundles app by Shopify set to make implementing bundles a piece of cake? In this video we'll dive into the new Shopify Bundles app and see how it works.

    Code with Chris

  • Code Shopify | The easy way to do the Shopify Storefront API (graphql with fetch)

    Everyone loves to talk about how graphql is the next best thing since sliced bread 🍞, but when you try to get started with it, it can sometimes feel like like an uphill battle 🏔 with dependancies and libraries just to make the call in the first place. Well, I'm here to make your life a lot easier - specifically for the Shopify Storefront API 🙌. We'll walk through the steps to set up your shop with the access, create the graphql query, and then call the query with Javascript Fetch.

    Trudy McNabb

  • Patch for Could not find an OAuth cookie for shop error

    Recently I've been getting a lot of requests for the dreaded `Cannot complete OAuth process. Could not find an OAuth cookie for shop` error. If you run into this error, can you try out this patch? Would not recommend running this on production just yet:

    Harshdeep "Kinngh" Hura

  • Debugging Shopify Functions in Practice – Tobe Osakwe

    Debugging a Function is easy on a development store, but if your function is running into issues in production, the only way you can troubleshoot it by asking a merchant to send you recent error reports. However, merchants only have this option if your function actually crashed, not if it only produced incorrect output.

    Tobe Osakwe

  • How to create an "Added to Cart" event for Shopify

    Learn how to create a custom Added to Cart event for Shopify that tracks when a customer adds an item to a cart, which you can use to trigger an abandoned cart flow.


  • Gadget Incubator | Build a business in 10 weeks

    The incubator program is a bootcamp-style, coworking program where we help 20 ambitious founders launch and grow an entire SaaS-based company, using Gadget.