Issue 100 - Shopify Front-End Developer’s Guide: 2023

  • Smart caching to keep data fast and fresh in Hydrogen - YouTube

    Here’s how you can keep data fast and fresh in Hydrogen by caching sub-requests and leveraging stale-while-revalidate


  • 3 ways to find your worst JavaScript offenders for page load

    As Addy Osmani likes to say, JavaScript is your most expensive asset. Compared to an image or stylesheet, for example, a JavaScript file of the same size will take the same amount of time to download. The problem comes in the amount of processing after download that needs to occur before the JavaScript is fully executed.

    Sia Karamalegos

  • Shopify Front-End Developer’s Guide: 2023 (Beginners Start Here) - YouTube

    In this video, I cover how to get into Shopify front-end development in 2023. The three steps I highlight are: learning HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, learning Liquid, & Learning the Shopify admin.

    Will Misback

  • Shopify Workshops

    Workshops provide a guided, tutorial, hands-on coding experience. Most workshops will step you through the process of building an application, theme, or function.


  • Testing and debugging practices for Shopify Functions

    When using "Simplified deployments" Shopify CLI / Functions now support 'yarn dev' A file watcher which will automatically compile and push your function changes without the need to deploy


  • Shopify Flow - New triggers

    New triggers for product variant back in stock and out of stock are not available. Flow also provides an Inventory quantity changed trigger, which also works at the variant level.


  • Free SVG generators, color tools & web design tools

    ffuel is a collection of color tools and free SVG generators for gradients, patterns, textures, shapes & backgrounds


  • One CTO's quest to never type "the" again - Erik Schluntz

    A few years ago I noticed that a LOT of my slack messages were repetitive. There were common phrases I used a lot (if I remember correctly) and common first steps for tasks or questions I was asked (can you post a screenshot?). If the next few words I’m going to write are obvious, why do I even need to write them?

    Erik Schluntz