Issue 102 - How to Build Checkout and Cart Validation Functions

  • An Introduction to the View Transitions API

    The new View Transitions API offers an easier way to animate between two DOM states — even between page loads. It’s a progressive enhancement that works today.

  • Shopify Themes: Dawn Theme vs. Aurora Theme

    In this video, we'll be reviewing Dawn Theme side by side with the stunning Aurora Theme. Aurora comes packed with amazing features, and one of our favorites is the diverse range of color swatches. You'll have options like drop-down menu color swatches and image variant swatches, which also appear on your collection page.


  • Design Packs New Feature - Modal popup

    We've created a modal popup that can be triggered by time on site or a link. This video shows how to set it up and get the most out of the features. Include app blocks from Klaviyo and include page content.

    Design Packs

  • Deploy extensions in a CD pipeline

    If you have an app extension that you want to deploy to Shopify regularly, then you can integrate Shopify CLI into your CI/CD pipeline to programmatically deploy your app components using the deploy command. You can deploy any app extensions that you generated using Shopify CLI in a CI/CD pipeline.


  • How to build Shopify cart & checkout validation Functions

    In this video, we'll explore one of the most significant advancements in checkout extensibility: Functions. These functions are a game-changer for developers, allowing you to enhance the logic behind Shopify's backend.


  • Shopify Help Center | Free shipping discounts

    Straight forward automatic free shipping discounts are an option for the first time on shopify


  • Hiring your first Developer as a Freelancer or Agency Owner

    When to consider hiring, how to find good people, and how to retain them.

    Coding with Jan

  • Personal Project Management for the Burgeoning Homesteader

    I'm always looking for ideas on how to improve my personal productivity and project management. While not Shopify related, This article is part of a new series looking at how simple, flexible, personal, project management systems can help people make sense of their lives.

    Bob Doto

  • Detect subscription orders in the Shopify checkout

    This week I needed to help a client distinguish which orders contained subscriptions so they can measure the results of their PPC1 advertising. As their business model is heavily geared towards subscriptions and subscriptions will typically indicate a much higher LTV2, measuring which adverts are more likely to generate subscription purchases is a key metric.

    Mike Fallows