Issue 103 - Creating a Flexible Order Routing System with Shopify Functions

  • Component Party

    Web component JS frameworks overview by their syntax and features: Svelte, React, Vue 3, SolidJS, Qwik, Marko, Angular, Lit, Vue 2, Ember, Alpine, Aurelia 1, Aurelia 2

  • Creating a Flexible Order Routing System with Shopify Functions (2023)

    In this article, I’ll cover how we added flexibility to our previous one-size-fits-all order routing system with the introduction of “routing rules”, and how we dogfooded our own Shopify Functions feature to give merchants the ability to create their own routing rules.

    Ebun Segun

  • Lunik: Inside the CIA’s audacious plot to steal a Soviet satellite

    Everyone enjoys a good heist story. While this has nothing to do with Shopify it IS a fun and interesting read - it's OK to take a break and think about something different while your subconscious keeps coding!

    Jeff Maysh

  • Observing cart changes in a Shopify theme

    Recently I needed to write some code to monitor and respond to changes made to a Shopify cart. The script would need to be added to several themes and be independent of the specific theme the site used or potential apps that were (or would be) installed.

    Mike Fallows

  • Shopify Metaobjects Are Cool

    We recently utilized Shopify’s metaobjects to implement multidimensional product option links

    David Robinson

  • Bun Crash Course | JavaScript Runtime, Bundler & Transpiler

    In this crash course, we will look at the Bun.js JavaScript runtime/bundler/toolkit. I will show you how to get set up and check out some of the features.

    Traversy Media

  • Accessing Shopify product lists by index

    If you’ve not tried to do it before, you’d expect that accessing a product or collection list by index is as simple as adding [index] after your variable, right? Well unfortunately in Shopify that won’t work.

    David Warrington

  • App Store Submission Checklist

    Getting ready to submit an app to the Shopify app store? Go through this checklist to make sure you are good to go!

    Gil Greenburg

  • Shopify theme console

    Did you know there's an official Shopify Liquid REPL (read-eval-print loop) tool. This tool provides an interactive terminal interface for evaluating Liquid snippets and exploring Liquid objects, filters, and tags using real store data.