Issue 107 - Re-orderable Metaobjects

  • Ruby 3.3’s YJIT Runs Shopify’s Production Code 15% Faster | Rails at Scale

    Shopify deploys YJIT on business-critical services in production, such as Storefront Renderer, the software that powers all online storefronts on Shopify’s platform, and Shopify’s Monolith. As of the Ruby 3.2 release, YJIT sped up our Storefront Renderer by 10% on average.

    Takashi Kokubun

  • VisBug — DevTools for Designers

    A hands-on guide to Visbug, a browser extension that will help you prototype in the browser visually as if you were working with a design tool like Figma or Photoshop.

    CSS Weekly

  • Free Icons Download

    A new way to find free icons in a fun, simple and fast way for your projects. — just you and your creative work

    Blend Icons

  • Product Photo Editing in Photoshop 2024: Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Let's edit a product photo (taken with an iPhone) using Photoshop 2024, and make it more professional. We'll remove the background, fix common issues, and explore Adobe's generative AI features.

    Kurt Elster

  • Shopify collection product tag is not equal to

    Shopify doesn't allow creating product collections that exclude a specific tag, say "Winter". The workaround involves tagging the rest of your products manually with another tag, say "Summer". This becomes a tedious task when dealing with large product catalogs. I've developed an automated script that helps you tag all your products conveniently. The script leverages Shopify's Admin REST API to apply logic and automatically tag thousands of products. You can also modify this script as per your specific requirements.

    Saad Saif

  • jhey 🔨🐻✨ (@jh3yy) / X

    jhey - ex-googler who consistently posts amazing CSS tips and insights.


  • Shopify - 5 Things to Know about the eCommerce platform

    To celebrate the release of my new Skillshare class - “Shopify Store Setup - Understanding the Shopify eCommerce Platform”, I’m breaking down 5 surprising things about the Shopify platform that you might not have realised - or at least, are just important things to know depending on how you intend to work with the platform.

    Code with Chris

  • Re-orderable Metaobjects

    One issue that I have had is how you can reorder Metaobject entries and give the client control over the order. I’ve recently been shown a really good way of handling this and definitely think it will be useful for many other developers.

    Billy Noyes

  • How to Install and Use Shopify's CLI as a Beginner

    How to use your own local development environment using Shopify's CLI. A step-by-step guide from installing the CLI to making the first steps.

    Coding with Jan