Issue 109 - Implement a low stock notice in a Shopify theme

  • ChatGPT prompt that automatically converts your #tailwindcss to #Shopify Liquid

    ChatGPT prompt that automatically converts your #tailwindcss to #Shopify Liquid, which can be customized in the theme editor.


  • Why I Won't Use Next.js

    My past experience gives me an intuition on the approach frameworks take and I can get a good sense for where a framework doesn’t align with my sensibilities.

    Kent Dodds

  • Implement a low stock notice in a Shopify theme

    What I particularly liked about this implementation was that it didn’t require editing a single existing theme file. It’s an approach that I try to prioritise as much as possible as it has multiple benefits for working within a codebase.

    Mike Fallows

  • How fast is your Shopify Theme

    Everyone wants to use a theme that performs well. By benchmarking popular theme performance we hope to provide the data required for theme developers to identify opportunities to improve and in turn help speed up stores across the whole of Shopify.

    Michael Gooding

  • 3 ways to find your worst JavaScript offenders for page load

    As Addy Osmani likes to say, JavaScript is your most expensive asset. Compared to an image or stylesheet, for example, a JavaScript file of the same size will take the same amount of time to download. The problem comes in the amount of processing after download that needs to occur before the JavaScript is fully executed.

    Sia Karamalegos

  • Theme Performance Comparison

    Based on this great dataset provided by @Shopify , I generated a Google spreadsheet to show the top 100 most popular themes ranked by performance:

    Coralie Delpha

  • Hiding Metafield sections & blocks when they're empty

    A quick and easy way to conditionally show or hide sections & blocks based on if they have Metafield content, or if the Metafield is blank.

    Ed Codes

  • How To NOT Get Screwed Over As A Software Engineer

    The stories are true: technical founders (and early technical employees!) often end up with the short end of the stick when starting a company.

    Dalton Caldwell

  • Product Page Popup - Shopify Coding Tutorial

    Today we'll be learning how to code a custom, per-product popup for our product pages!

    Seán Mythen