Issue 114 - Add a Subtitle in Product Cards on Collection pages

  • Video Cropping Tool

    On online tool that gives you pre-built crop settings for landscape, portrait, square or freeform for your video content

    Adobe Express

  • Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework

    Web components encapsulate all their HTML, CSS and JS within a single file, with no build system necessary. Having all the code for a component in one place significantly reduces my mental overhead,

    Jake Lazaroff

  • Old metaobject records

    Will old metaobject records on your store left by old apps be the new storefront zombie code sticking around after you uninstall an app?

    Ralf Elfving

  • Add a Subtitle in Product Cards on Collection pages

    Sometimes you need to show product specs or a subtitle on the collection page product grid. Here's how to do that in Dawn theme.

    Ed Codes

  • Shopify theme upload, download and watch development tool.

    A lightening fast, extensible and superior alternative Shopify CLI (Theme Development) tool. Syncify provides developers with a powerful CLI and employs an intuitive approach for creating Shopify themes. It's batteries included solution designed for advanced theme development.

    Nik Savvidis

  • Shopify Developer Training Plan

    A thorough Checklist of Shopify concepts every developer should know in the order they should learn them

    Gil Greenburg

  • Site Analyzer - Powered by Propero

    We have built this tool where a merchant or developers can get speed score report from 4 different sources without visiting multiple sites. The report comes within few minutes on email provided. In backend we run automation to collect this data and combined them in a simple report.

    Lokendra Panwar

  • Accessibility audit of the Walmart marketplace: is it as accessible as stated

    We're back with the accessibility audit, this time taking a closer look at Walmart Marketplace. We put the website through its paces with three different users


  • How To Add Customer Account Login Icon Shopify?

    In today's tutorial, we're diving into a simple yet essential Shopify trick. Many of you have requested guidance on enabling the customer account icon on your Shopify store, and that's exactly what we're covering in this video