Issue 118 - Displaying Savings Amounts on Shopify Product Pages

  • Displaying Savings Amounts on Shopify Product Pages

    Using the custom liquid block in Dawn and Dawn-based themes, it's relatively easy to show the savings amount either as a dollar value or the discount value as a percentage off.

    Ed Codes

  • Checkout Blocks Playground

    One of the most difficult aspects of showcasing all the functionality on Checkout Blocks is that it requires context within the actual checkout. So we went ahead and built a playground where you can enable popular blocks and customizations.

    Gil Greenburg

  • The View Transitions API And Delightful UI Animations (Part 1) — Smashing Magazine

    The View Transitions API is a new — but game-changing — feature that allows us to do the types of reactive state-based UI and page transitions that have traditionally been exclusive to JavaScript frameworks. In the first part of this mini two-part series, Adrian Bece thoroughly explains why we need the API and demonstrates its basic usage.

    Adrian Bece

  • If Web Components are so great, why am I not using them?

    Web Components have a marketing problem. I have a lot of opinions about this, so many that I joined the Web Components Community Group.

    Dave Rupert

  • Migrating a Top 10 US Jeweler from Magento to Shopify

    The migration was primarily focused on credit financing workflows, dropship integration, and custom ERP integration.The initiative was executed in two distinct phases: The initial phase involved strategy, technical discovery, and product review, while the second phase encompassed customer-centric design, custom theme engineering, and the integration of third-party applications, such as best in class search tool and Vaan group partner, Algolia.

    Vaan Group

  • Shopify Tutorial - Customize Your Checkout With The Checkout Branding API

    In this video we'll see the Shopify Checkout Branding API, one of the APIs introduced by Shopify in their transition to Checkout Extensibility

    Stacking Context

  • Performance👆, complexity👇: Killer updates from Shopify engineering

    In commerce, performance is king. Performance leads to delightful and seamless user experiences. Performance leads to conversion, which adds dollars to the bottom line of our merchants. And so performance wins were a key focus for us in 2023 (and every year).

    Farhan Thawar

  • console.delight – Frontend Masters Boost

    Everyone knows you can use console.log() to log text and variables to the console. Did you know you could also render (limited) CSS, SVGs, and even HTML in it?!? I didn’t! It’s a neat technique that can delight the curious and further your brand for curious users.

    Zach Saucier

  • How To Easily Copy Product Tags To Metafields - CopyTag

    Copying product tags to metafields is now super easy with Copytag. Copytag is all about helping you transfer prefixed or exact tags to single or multiple metafields with ease. It's designed to be user-friendly, whether you're a merchant or a developer. It's all about smoothing out the process.