Issue 120 - Theme Blocks Explained, Category Metafields & more updates

  • Show Only The Selected Variant Images On The Shopify Free themes

    Display images specific to the selected variant, on the Free Shopify themes like Dawn, Refresh, and Spotlight for Free, without using an app.

    Amine Ammari

  • Algomo for shopify

    I (Karl) am not sure how to feel about this - but it's interesting to see AI tools like this come to market. Say goodby to rigid chatbots and say hello to AI Agents, the most advanced AI that can autonomously think and act - just like real humans!


  • How To Use The New Shopify Subscriptions App - Shopify Editions 2024

    Hot off the press from Shopify Editions Winter 2024, let's take a dive deep into the new Shopify Subscription App

    Sunrise Integration

  • Can't add weight to custom item

    This issue bit me (Karl) while working on a private app recently. Did you know that the ability to add product weight to a custom item via draft order in the Shopify mobile app is still not available? It's not!


  • Ruby's Exceptional Creatures

    Exceptional Creatures is our documentation of Ruby’s exception system for our customers. To lend our unruly friends some personality, we’ve created a fantasy world where exceptions are mischevious monsters that plot to cause mayhem in our applications.


  • Rails Tech stack for my email courses project

    I am building a new project: Ruby and Ruby on Rails Courses over Email. In the beginning, I had to choose the tech stack for it. Here is an exploration of what criteria I considered, what I chose, and why.

    Lucian Ghinda

  • Shopify Winter Editions 2024 - What this means for developers

    In this video what we're going to do is take a first look at the updates coming up that concern us most as Shopify theme developers

    Code with Chris

  • Shopify Editions Feb ‘24 - Theme Blocks Explained, Category Metafields & more updates

    Covering the latest Shopify Winter Editions '24 in a bit more detail, demonstrating the new theme blocks in developer preview, and giving some opinions and predictions.

    Ed Codes

  • Shopify’s new web performance dashboard with real user insights

    Shopify will begin rolling out a new web performance dashboard for Liquid storefronts over the next few weeks. The dashboard provides the ability to review and optimize real user experience. This new tool (accessible on your Online Store -> Themes page) lets you dive into your store's speed, stability, and interactivity.

    Michael Gooding