Issue 125 - Build a Shopify App with Next.js and Prisma ORM

  • Build a Shopify App with Next.js and Prisma ORM | Step-by-Step Tutorial

    We go over my open source boilerplate repository on how to make a Shopify embedded application, and not just run a few commands and be up and running, but explaining things step by step on how and why things work, breaking things on purpose and understanding why they break and how to fix it.

    Harshdeep Singh Hura

  • Create B2B Companies in Shopify AUTOMATICALLY | Shopify Plus

    Feeling overwhelmed by manual B2B company creation on Shopify Plus? We've got your back! This video showcases a powerful automation solution using Customer Fields & Shopify Flow.


  • Shopify CLI commands for apps

    This reference lists the commands that you can use to build apps with Shopify CLI.


  • Code reviewing my first ever Shopify theme

    In this video we examine and code review my first ever Shopify theme from 2015.

    Coding with Robby

  • An Introduction to the Best Shopify Themes for Luxury Brands

    In this series, we’ll be reviewing some of the best themes available for luxury brands on the Shopify Theme Store. We’ll take a deep dive into each theme’s design, highlighting the features and functionality that work well for high-end brands as well as any pitfalls to avoid. We’ll also review each theme from a technical standpoint, evaluating code quality, performance and accessibility.


  • Restrict Checkout Validation Function to Just Checkout Action

    I (Karl) was recently working on a checkout validation function. When you target checkout validation the function defaults to being run when items are added to the cart as well as the checkout page. The trick to ONLY targeting the checkout page is the buyJourney object. Check out this example code (not mine) that shows how to fit it all together.


  • What I learned from looking at 900 most popular open source AI tools

    (This is not Shopify specific but given the buzz around AI I thought it worth including) Four years ago, I did an analysis of the open source ML ecosystem. Since then, the landscape has changed, so I revisited the topic. This time, I focused exclusively on the stack around foundation models.

    Chip Huyen

  • ICYMI: Everything that dropped at Gadget Launch Week

    Last week, we launched all of the features you need to make building Shopify apps fun, fast, and friction free. Gadget v1.0 lets you skip the busywork and boilerplate code. Explore all the new features here.