Issue 126 - Watch mode for Shopify theme app extensions

  • Watch mode for Shopify theme app extensions

    One of the missing features for Shopify CLI is watch mode for theme app extensions. Without it, you have to constantly switch between editor and terminal to manually run shopify extension push command. It’s pretty annoying and time-consuming considering that this command takes a while to run. Wouldn’t it be better to run this command automatically on code changes?

    Kirill Platonov

  • Shopify/function-examples

    This is the home of all the public examples of Shopify Functions. It's used by the CLI when running yarn shopify app generate extension. Feel free to look around! Do not edit these files directly.


  • How To Add FAQ Sections - [Free - Shopify 2.0 Themes]

    In this video, I’ll demonstrate how you can effortlessly incorporate an aesthetically pleasing FAQ section into your Shopify store. By following the instructions provided in this tutorial, you’ll be able to customize the appearance, layout, and colors of your FAQ section to seamlessly blend with your store’s theme.


  • Dawn Update Variant Metafields Website by

    In Shopify Liquid themes, metafields are a great way to display custom product variant data. However, if you add variant metafields, they don’t automatically update. This post will demonstrate an easy way to update the variant metafields in Shopify’s Dawn theme whenever a customer changes the variant.

    Rich Cherry

  • How to Create Your First Shopify Theme Section

    In this article, we’ll cover how to get started with creating different types of theme sections, and the rules for using them, so that you can help empower your clients to customize their store.


  • Code Sense - Discover and navigate code faster ⚡

    Code Sense is a VS Code extension built to help Shopify theme developers discover and understand code faster. It is particularly useful when you are working in unfamiliar or complicated themes and it saves you time by automating the search process to find connections between files. New developers will also likely find this helpful to build out their mental model of how files are related to each other.

    Jason Hassold

  • How To Create A Custom Contact Form On Shopify

    'm diving deep into customizing your Shopify contact form to make it truly unique for your online store using Dawn theme. Whether you're looking to add custom fields, change the layout, or enhance functionality, I've got you covered

    Amine Ammari

  • Shopify SEO: Better Breadcrumbs with Sub-collections!

    I will explain the problems with Shopify's standard breadcrumb structure, and introduce a custom solution that will improve your store's navigation, user-friendliness and SEO on product pages and collections. Using Metafields it is quite simple to manually control breadcrumbs for each product. Enabling a clear breadcrumb hierarchy from Home to Collection, Subcollection and Product pages.

    Ed Codes