Issue 127 - How to Setup a Multi-Market Headless Shopify Storefront with localised domains

  • Shopify Theme Development - Metaobjects Tutorial

    We'll see Shopify Metaobjects and how to interact with them through Liquid. We'll cover how to create them, access them via metafields or globally, how to use them from the theme editor, how to use them as Mixed References and more.

    Stacking Context

  • Shopify Color Filters Tutorial 2024 - Color Swatches (finally!)

    Shopify's recent update supports "visual filters". Now we can set up color swatches in filters across all themes - including Dawn and all the free themes.

    Ed Codes

  • Shopify's new theme blocks change everything

    In this video you'll go from zero to hero with Shopify theme blocks. Shopify theme blocks allow you to create global blocks that can be used across multiple sections.

    Coding with Robby

  • Tempo • Dates by FormKit

    Tempo is a new library in a proud tradition of JavaScript date and time libraries. Inspired by the likes of moment.js, day.js, and date-fns, Tempo is built from the ground up to be as small and easy to use as possible — including first-class support for timezone operations.


  • How To Add A Size Chart On Shopify

    Welcome to my latest instructional video focusing on optimizing Shopify product pages with a size chart feature. In this comprehensive tutorial, I will guide you through the precise steps necessary to seamlessly incorporate a size chart into your Shopify store, particularly utilizing the Dawn theme

    Amine Ammari

  • Split testing in the Liquid layer

    Traditional A/B testing tools, designed for HTML websites, pose challenges for Shopify merchants, often causing CSS disruptions, site slowdowns, and post-load flickers. Shoplift, our tailored solution, integrates seamlessly with Shopify templates, enabling efficient A/B testing and CRO. Say "Liquid Weekly" during onboarding for a free month.


  • How Red Land Cotton Increased Abandoned Cart Revenue by 27%

    After partnering with Prismfly, and integrating Littledata’s Klaviyo solution, Red Land Cotton were able to enhance identity resolution and boost their Klaviyo Attributed Value (KAV) from email marketing. Littledata tracked 40% more users with purchase intent, which led to a 27% lift in monthly revenue from abandoned cart flows.


  • How to Setup a Multi-Market Headless Shopify Storefront with localised domains

    Shopify’s headless architecture offers tremendous flexibility for customisation and integration, allowing merchants to create unique shopping experiences across multiple markets and locales. However, one common challenge faced by merchants is seamlessly redirecting customers back to their preferred market during and after checkout. In this article I’ll propose a solution involving a Web Pixel and some good ol’ Cookies.

    Peter Coolen

  • Adding additional scripts and running scripts only on first visit

    Here's an often overlooked feature in Shopify. In the realm of analytics and conversion tracking, optimizing event firing for initial customer actions is paramount. However, achieving this efficiently often demands substantial effort. One must either store data indicating prior event firing or manage event deduplication downstream. What's lesser known is that Shopify offers tailored Liquid variables within the Additional Scripts admin section. Leveraging these variables enables rendering specific code sections solely upon a customer's first interaction, streamlining the process significantly.