Issue 128 - Don’t get scammed by fake performance experts and apps

  • Understanding Shopify Functions. Part 1: What they are, and why they’re important

    In this two-part blog post, we’ll explain what Functions are and why they’re important, and arm you with the knowledge so you can be an early adopter of this new, powerful Shopify feature.

    Ralf Elfving

  • Understanding Shopify Functions. Part 2: What can they do, and how to build with them

    Last week, we did a deep-dive into what the new Shopify Functions means for the future of building with Shopify. Now, let’s talk about how to use them. We’ll cover how Shopify Functions work, which Functions APIs exist, major limitations, and give an example of a useful development workflow to get started.

    Ralf Elfving

  • Debugging Shopify Functions. How to use the Function Runner

    Shopify has provided a great tool for emulating Shopify Function calls locally in their Function Runner tool, see the Github repo for it here. This tool is a small tool into which you can pipe function JSON input and receive the Function result, also JSON output

    Stephen Biston

  • Don’t get scammed by fake performance experts and apps – Performance @ Shopify

    In this article, we explain why some people feel incentivised to cheat the metrics. We also walk through common techniques the bad actors use so you can identify and remove them. Finally, we outline the steps we took to make Shopify's performance ecosystem as scam-free as possible.

    Mateusz Krzeszowiak

  • Cloudflare Tunnel: a free ngrok alternative

    Ngrok is very advanced, but I don’t need all of its features. The feature that I need is a static domain name, so that I can expose my local Rails app to the same address. On the free version, ngrok binds to a subdomain assigned to you randomly. A static domain name is a must if you want to save time developing your app.

    Kyrylo Silin

  • Pinggy - Simple Localhost Tunnels

    Public URLs for Localhost. Without downloading any binary! Create HTTP, TCP or TLS tunnels to your Mac/PC. Even if it is sitting behind firewalls and NATs.


  • WORKSHOP: Optimizing images on Shopify

    Are you a theme developer looking to learn how to optimize images on Shopify? Join our virtual, open-enrollment image performance workshop taught by our Shopify performance engineers. This is a virtual workshop delivered live in one 3-hour session.


  • Unlock Growth with Mechanic on Shopify

    Elevate your Shopify development game with Mechanic, a proven enterprise-grade development and integration platform built by developers for developers. Tap into our extensive library of open-source tasks, ready to use out-of-the-box or as foundations for further customization. Once you've become a mechanic expert, join our partner directory, where Mechanic is recognized as one of the top lead generators on the PartnerPage platform.


  • Improving Shopify App’s Performance (2024)

    At the beginning of 2023, we noticed that our app's performance had decreased since we started migrating to React Native. Recognizing this, we embarked on a dedicated journey to improve the app's performance by the end of the year. We’re happy to report that we have met our goals and learned a ton along the way.