Issue 130 - Building a Product Configurator

  • How To Add Swatches On Collection Page

    I'll guide you through the process of adding image swatches to your collection page. This feature will enhance the visual appeal of your products and improve your Shopify store's user interface.


  • Multiple Variant Images On The Free Shopify Themes

    Learn how to seamlessly add multiple variant images, ensuring a visually engaging shopping experience

    Amine Ammari

  • Shopify Tutorial - Create a Discount Shopify Function

    In this video we'll see how to create a Product Discount Shopify Function. With these functions we can add new functionality to discount codes and automatic discounts that will help us meet merchant's most advanced needs.

    Stacking Context

  • How to Sell Personalized Products on Shopify 2024 - Building a Product Configurator

    How to offer custom products with image uploads, text inputs, live previews, custom pricing rules, and much more.

    Coding with Jan

  • Surface undetected Shopify checkout errors instantly

    Are your users and clients experiencing errors that you can’t explain? Proactively monitor your Shopify store with Crash Reporting. Get visibility into the root cause of errors in real-time, with diagnostics that take you to the exact line of code to resolve. Spend less time fixing errors, and more time building cool new functionality.


  • Shopify App Pixel - Checkout Completed

    Do you have need to track or collect information when a customer completes a checkout? Then you should "check out" the Shopify pixel checkout_completed event. The checkout_completed event logs when a visitor completes a purchase. It's triggered once for each checkout, typically on the Thank you page.


  • What’s New for Developers at Shopify [2024]

    Welcome to our monthly product newsletter for Shopify developers. Read on for important updates and new features for April 2024