Issue 133 - Using The Checkout Branding API To Customize a Shopify Checkout

  • Using The Checkout Branding API To Customize a Shopify Checkout

    In this video we'll be using the Checkout Branding API to customize a checkout and make it look as close as possible to a reference image. For this we'll use some of the newly introduced properties in the Checkout Branding API.

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  • Shopify App Development with Remix

    In this exciting new series, dive into the world of Shopify app development with Remix, a cutting-edge technology for building robust web applications. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, this course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create powerful and customizable apps for the Shopify ecosystem. Learn to build Shopify app and make money.

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  • How to use JavaScript to check if your script is running on a Shopify storefront's product page

    If you're building a Shopify app, writing a theme, or even if you're a merchant running your own store, there might eventually come a time when you want to add somecustom JavaScript to enhance a Shopify store's product page. Maybe you need to add image or file uploading; maybe you want to track conversions and clicks; maybe you want to create some kind of product customizer.

    Joshua Harms

  • Mobile simulator - responsive testing tool

    Want to see how a shop performs on mobile or tablet - check out this Chrome extension. It features a Smartphone and tablet simulator with with several devices and resolutions to test your mobile site.

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  • How I built Shopify Liquid REPL

    I recently spent a couple of days building a tool in the form of a small web app Shopify Liquid REPL, it's similiar to the Bable REPL, but it takes Shopify Liquid (different to vanilla Liquid) and outputs the compiled code. I built this because I was tired of spinning up a new development shop/theme every time I wanted to simply test out the capabilities of Liquid, I used to rely on another tool named DropPen for this, but that seems to be broken nowadays.

    Tom Blanchard

  • What are the advantages of having a Built for Shopify badge for your app?

    It has been around two months since two of our apps got the Built for Shopify 💎 badge. I am getting a lot of questions about BFS from Shopify app developers. Mainly, questions are about tips on how to get BFS and also about how it affected our installs. Getting a BFS badge is not easy; it requires a lot of hard work, and I can understand people wanting to know if this effort will be worth it. I also shared some tips on what to pay attention to get the badge.

    Farid Movsumov

  • Gimli Tailwind Extension for Firefox

    While the Chrome version has been available for some time Gimli Tailwind has just released their FireFox plugin! It's a cool little util that lets you play with tailwind classes directly in the browser!


  • How App Versions Work

    After you set up your app configuration or create one or more app extensions, you can deploy these components together and release a new app version to users. An app version is a snapshot of your app configuration and all extensions.


  • How To Show Discount Percentage On Shopify (Free Themes)

    Here's how to change the text of the sale badge to the discount percentage if you are using a free Shopify theme like Dawn

    Amine Ammari