Issue 135 - Liquid Weekly Podcast - Interview with Coralie Delpha

  • Order Discount Shopify Function Tutorial

    Hello in this video we're going to see the order discount Shopify function. This function is very similar to the product discount function we've seen already in the channel but as the name suggest in this case the discount will be applied to the entire order instead of to individual line items

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  • Stock Photos and Royalty-Free Images - Storyblocks

    Discover the perfect stock photo for your next project in our library of images.


  • Shopify Checkout AI Product Recommendations

    Let's learn how to add AI Product Recommendations to your checkout. Checkout customisation is only for Shopify Plus so this video will only apply if you're on Shopify plus or development stores with plus features.

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  • Tabs Section for Shopify - Add it to any theme

    Introducing the tabs section for Shopify that allows you to present a lot of information to your customer very compactly without increasing the length of your page. If you have a long product description you can place it below the product images, rather than making the product information section too long. You can also use tabs to store extra information like size guides or product specifications. Or display pages.

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  • The workshop lineup at

    Turbocharge your Shopify Functions development workflow Learn your way around the latest development and debugging features for Shopify Functions. Experience new ways to test and debug Functions—both on Shopify and in your local environment—while previewing the latest discounting and pricing capabilities of Function APIs. New Products API Get the lowdown on what’s new, what’s been deprecated, and what these changes mean for you. This is crucial for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve and adapt their applications to the latest API updates. Push the boundaries with Checkout Extensibility Take full advantage of Shopify’s platform of customizations with Checkout Extensibility. Includes a walkthrough of how to combine Checkout UI Extensions with Shopify Functions to unlock powerful use cases. Optimizing performance for Hydrogen Storefronts Come optimize a Hydrogen Storefront in this hands-on workshop. Learn patterns for squeezing the most out of performance so that your custom storefront always offers a fast, responsive shopping experience. Build experiences that feel native with Customer Account Extensions Discover how to leverage Customer Account Extensions to create custom experiences that reflect the merchant’s unique brand and make each customer feel valued. Meet merchants where they work with Admin Extensions Show up right where merchants go to run their stores with Admin Extensions. Learn how to create a near-seamless experience that lets the merchant use your app without getting ejected from their core workflow. Extend your app with Flow 700,000+ merchants use Shopify Flow to automate tasks across their store. Learn how to build triggers and actions that both extend the functionality of your app and connect with Shopify and other apps merchants use. No advance signup is required, all you need is a ticket to Workshops are hands-on and require some setup first—info about prerequisites will be coming soon. You’ll also be hearing more about the 40+ other talks and demos we have lined up for you. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Shopify Team


  • RankBase - Improve Your Shopify App's Ranking in the App Store

    I started working on a tool to improve my Shopify app's ranking in the app store for our important keywords. The goal is to provide actionable advice for keywords where you get a considerable number of installs, but your position is not high. This means that if you go up, you can increase the number of your installs significantly.

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  • Liquid-friendly A/B testing

    A/B testing doesn't have to be a pain in the SaaS. Shoplift is the only CRO tool that's purpose-built for Shopify. So you'll spend less time developing tests, and more time watching them run. Rated 5/5 on the Shopify App Store. LW subscribers get 1 free month here:


  • Even more personalized guidance during app submission

    Pre-select your app’s capabilities early in the submission process to get a simpler, personalized list of requirements. If your app review gets paused due to a blocking error, a clear summary of issues and a straightforward resubmission process will help you (and your app review) quickly get back on track.


  • Liquid Weekly Podcast - Interview with Coralie Delpha

    In this episode of the Liquid Weekly Podcast, Karl and Taylor dive into a conversation with Coralie, a Shopify expert, discussing her experiences and insights on various Shopify-related topics as well as different parts of the Shopify services sphere. Coralie shares her experience freelancing with Shopify, to working with Theme provider Clean Canvas, and finally a look at her new role at Shopify on the Professional Services team. She shares her thoughts on theme development, the importance of community, and the role of metafields in Shopify.

    Liquid Weekly