Issue 139 - Don't Get Caught! - Transitioning to the GraphQL API

  • Shopify Checkout Extensibility Upgrade Guide 2024

    If you haven't upgraded your checkout to extensibility yet, it's a great time to do it. You have a few more months before the deadline which is Aug 13th 2024. In this video, I have answered all your important questions about Checkout Extensibility and what you need to know before upgrading.

    Code Inspire

  • Less painful way to work with Shopify Graphql API in Ruby

    I began using Shopify Graphql API in my apps in 2021. At first, wrapping my head around the concept was challenging. After REST, Graphql felt like cryptic form of SQL over HTTP, full of nuances and lacking respect for HTTP standards. But I kept digging and eventually figured it out.

    Kirill Platonov

  • Deprecation timelines related to new GraphQL product APIs

    With the 2024-04 API release, along with the introduction of the new GraphQL product APIs, we are removing management of both the variants and options via the GraphQL ProductInput object and have marked as deprecated the /products and `/variants' REST API endpoints.


  • Shopify API Rate Limiting in Practice

    Here's a fun twitter thread explaining how Shopify API rate limiting works. Spoiler: Buckets leak!

    Mat De Sousa

  • Migrating from Shopify's Product REST API to GraphQL

    It took about two months but we recently finished migrating to Shopify's GraphQL APIs. I wrote up some things we learned along the way (and the fact that some stores have over 400 locations) that might be helpful for other going through the same process

    Daniel Beck

  • Solved: Multiple hasAnyTag elements

    Need to query a product to see if it has one or more tags for a checkout validation function? Read along for examples on the correct syntax for using hasAnyTag in the input query


  • Discover The Best D2C (Direct To Consumer) Brands and Tools

    Wanna get some exposure for your app or research a competitor? Save hours on research, discover the tools behind the top brands and redeem best-in-market discounts on them.


  • Coming soon: Shopify Editions Summer ’24

    OK - so this issue is going out the day after, BUT in case you missed it Shopify held their Summer 24 Editions (not to be confused with on 6/25) on Monday 6/24 (yesterday). Get ready for our Summer '24 Edition packed with 150+ new product updates including more extensions and powerful APIs for a more unified developer experience.