Issue 140 - I made $1,436,828 with 2 Shopify Apps

  • Reduce AR 3D content costs by 10x for products with variants

    Dynamically generate 3D models for AR, based on your customers' choices. Get accurate 3D & AR previews for every product you can possibly sell. View a 5-minute Demo


  • Uplifting Shopify Polaris. The process of evolving a large scale design system

    For years, Polaris’s design language has been relatively unchanged. It was heavily influenced by the once-pervasive flat design trend, and although there was a minor update in 2020 with new colors and illustrations, the core design philosophy barely evolved.

    José Torre

  • The future of Shopify’s Admin APIs is GraphQL

    The future of Shopify’s Admin APIs is GraphQL. If you haven’t yet made the switch, here are the latest reasons to do it.


  • Block Checkout Progress using Checkout UI Extensions

    In this video we are going to see how we can block progress at Checkout using a Shopify Checkout UI Extension and the Buyer Intercept API. This will allow us to capture and validate required information before allow the customer to complete their purchase.

    Stacking Context

  • Improving the Online Store: New Style Settings and features for Theme Blocks

    Today’s release introduces new Style settings, which lays the groundwork needed to move towards Shopify’s vision of flex sections – a way for merchants to easily drag, drop, resize, and arrange different components and sections in their themes.


  • Meet Figma AI: Empowering Designers with Intelligent Tools

    We’re excited to introduce Figma AI, a collection of features designed to help you work more efficiently and creatively. Whether you’re searching for inspiration, exploring multiple directions, or looking to automate tedious tasks, we’re building Figma AI to unblock you at any stage.


  • I made $1,436,828 with 2 Shopify Apps

    I made $1,436,828 with 2 Shopify Apps, and I'm sharing in this video what the apps are and how I did it. How I found the idea How I got my first 10 customers How I scaled it You'll see everything so you can build your own apps.

    Matt De Sousa