Issue 141 - The Truth About Certain Speed Optimization Apps

  • Shopify "Featured Review" Checkout UI Extension in 30 minutes!

    Today we're building a Checkout UI Extension to display a featured review at checkout for customers, and we're going to do it in 30 minutes!

    Dev With Alex

  • Kirill Platonov Shares the Truth About Certain Speed Optimization Apps

    Fun story about so called "speed optimizations" apps in Shopify App Store and how they're breaking third-party apps by trying to fool Google Pagespeed. Worth reading

    Kirill Platonov

  • Shopify Theme Developers - What is it we actually do??

    To celebrate the release of my new Shopify theme developer course for existing web developers I'm finally answering a common question I seem to be getting lately which is what is it I actually do as a Shopify theme developer.

    Code with Chris

  • v0 by Vercel

    Generate UI with shadcn/ui from simple text prompts and images.


  • How To Automate Shopify Store Using Flow

    In today's video, we're diving into Shopify Flow, an incredible tool that automates your Shopify store and eliminates repetitive tasks from your daily management routine.


  • Log streaming and replay

    Log streaming for Shopify Functions enables faster development, testing, and debugging of functions by bringing function execution logs to Shopify CLI. You can also replay function executions locally using input from these logs. This guide describes how you can enable and use this beta functionality to improve your function development workflow.


  • Shopify 2024 - Experts' Overview

    We’ve got all the highlights from the Shopify conference in Toronto. With exclusive insights from Harley Finkelstein, Shopify's president, we unpack the exciting upcoming updates designed to keep the Shopify intuitive admin interface effortless for all merchants, big and small.

    The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

  • Shopify Instant Checkout Link Generator

    The Shopify Instant Checkout Link Generator to quickly make instant/one-click checkout links to put on ads, landing pages, etc. Supports: - single or multiple products - one-time purchase & subscription - properties - discount code

    Jason Hassold